001 The Pre Show Special


The Esoteric Modulation Pre Show special looks at all the topics that we will be covering in the coming Shows. We talk about what inspired the show and how it came to be.  We explain our show segments, News,  Modular, Esoteric Instruments, Art Projects,  Listener Questions, Bandcamp Artist of the Show, and the Don't Miss Out section. We then go on to talk about our history and backgrounds. 

From modular synthesis, standalone synthesizers and Eurorack, to unusual electronic instruments, Buchla, Ciat-Lonbarde and the arts. Esoteric Modulation is a fortnightly podcast that is about all the latest exciting gear and news of electronic music and the arts.

Ed Ball Webiste: https://www.edwardball.co.uk
Ben Wilson aka DivKid https://www.youtube.com/user/DivKidVideo