Effects & Improvisation


In this week's Esoteric Modulation  we talk about effects, the implications of different DSP's, Whether to go in the rack or out and using effects as an instrument. We take a look at a Tate podcast that talks about art and music improvisation. We have a listener question on can something easy to produce or a mistake be art. And we round it off with our Bandcamp artist of the week Matthew Shaw.  

Episode  005 Effects & Improvisation

Show Note Timings 

Into: 0.00
Show Run-Down: 0.40
What Ed has Ed been up to: 0.57
Art commissions for Gary Numan and Eventide 
Soundscape with Eventide Space 
Paining to self produces soundscapes 
Stereo FX SSSR Labs Vertigo DSP: 5.10
Tiptop Audio Z-DSP 
Chris Klepper
Effects Talk (In Case out Case): 11.52
Effects Talks Effects as Instruments 21.45
The Art Segment: 25.54
Listener Question  39.15
Bandcamp Arts of the Show 44.45
Shoutouts 53.39 

Show Note links 

Chat and Round Up 

Stereo FX SSSR Labs Vertigo DSP

Bens Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAoFMZs7BRQ&t

Tiptop Audio Z-DSP http://tiptopaudio.com/zdsp-ns/

The Modular & Esoteric Equipment Segment 

In or out of case effects?

Complex multi tools VS simple small rack effects 

Eventide Space:

Erica Synths Black Hole:


Ben’s Black Hole video: 



Effects as an Instruments

Lyra 8 Effects:


Art Segment 

The Art of Improvisation

This Tate podcast features Frank Bowling, an artist who has spent 60 years improvising with paint. 


Jamie Lidell - Capitol Chambers Sonic TALK Special




Listener Question

Gus/ userfriendly:

Can a mistake be art? 

Bandcamp Arts of the Show

Matthew Shaw

Totemic Topologies Vol . 3


Tim’s podcast Pod Mod https://podularmodcast.fireside.fm/suzannecianipodmod

Waveform Magazine - https://www.waveformmagazine.com

Kyle Swishers new ‘Source of Uncertainty’ podcast:


Our Pre-show special, check it out 

Hosts and Guests 
Ed Ball Website:https://www.edwardball.co.uk
Ben Wilson aka DivKid: https://www.youtube.com/user/DivKidVideo