The Anatomy of a Live Modular System


In this weeks episode, we run over Ben's Eurorack Case set up he put together for a live performance at the Deer Shed Festival. We break it all down. We talk performance set up philosophies, zonal methods, sound examples of those zones, effects chains and the selection of modules and how they were used!

Ben has kindly organised high-quality audio, videos on the modules and information over on his Patron Account for free access go to:

Shown Note Times
Intro: 0.00
Live modular setup intro: 0.39
Live performance case overview: 2.30
Sound 1- Noise: 12.09
Discussion on Noise: 13.09
Sound 2- Morphagene + Magneto: 18.37
Discussion on Morphagene + Magneto: 19.37
Sound 3- Vowel: 24.01
Discussion on Vowel: 24.35
Sound 4 - BLCK_NOIR: 27.14
Discussion on BLCK_NOIR: 28.28
Sound 5 - Chord pt1: 33.24
Discussion on Chord pt1: 35.17
Sound 5 - Chord pt2: 38.28
Discussion on Chord pt2: 39.10
Sound 6 - Bell: 44.27
Discussion on Bell: 45.43
Sound 07 - Rings + QPAS pt1: 49.45
Discussion on Rings + QPAS pt1: 51.59
Sound 07 - Rings + QPAS pt2: 53.30
Discussion on Rings + QPAS pt2: 54.57
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