Esoteric Engineering The SOMA Way!


In episode 004 we talk to Vlad Kreimer, head of Romantic Engineering at SOMA laboratory. We have a deep dive conversation on what is esoteric engineering, we then go on to talk about the his creative processes in building instruments. We talk Lyra 8, Pulsar 23 and the Enner, we talk about human connection, his own art practice and much more!

This episode is a great journey into a truly creative mind that has designed instruments for his own art practice, only to find there has been an amazing demand for them. His Instruments are truly unique, but so is his way of thinking and designing. His creative road seems to have lead to evocative instruments that evoke a human connection. Sit back and enjoy the immersive conversation with Vlad!

Show Note Timings

Into: 0.00

Show Run-Down: 0.38

Vlad Kreimer Introduction: 1.00

Vlad Talks The Meaning of Esoteric: 1.37

Leading Into Design From Creativity: 3.53

Human Connection Through Design: 7.20

Historical Instruments That Had Expression : 10:25

What Does Vlads Creative Process Look Like: 13.20

How Playing With Soma instruments Informs The Next Design: 17.30

Is The Engreening as Creative as Performing? :22.27

Philosophy of Giving Drums Sustain: 27.35

Synthesis Method - Working With Their Strengthens: 32.00

Soma Enner And Its Evolution 35.00

Enner Collaboration With Sistor 40:00

Vlad as an Artist And Performer: 46.40

Time Devoted to Creativity 52.00

Show Note links

The Pulsar 23:
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Soma laboratory:

Lyra 8:
Loopop's unmissable video on the Lyra8:

A new project from SOMA Labs the Enner:

Danish sound-artist SiSTOR:

Vlad as an artist:
Vlads Performance, an audio-plastic performance for five gravitational synthesizers and one live body!

SOMA laboratory (romantic engineering)
SOMA/ Vlads Youtube channel:

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